Grevillea baileyana (Findlay’s silky, White Oak, Bailey’s Silky oak) – Tube Stock


An attractive, fast growing tree that performs well in a wide variety of situations.

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This is a medium to large tree, usually to about 10 m but occasionally to 30 m.

* Light preference : Full sun
* Water preference : Moderate water

Use it as a feature tree that can provide cut foliage and flowers for indoor use.
It is virtually maintenance free, but be aware that the roots can be invasive, so do not plant anywhere near pipes or drainage, paths, buildings etc.

* Flower grouping : Cluster / Inflorescence
* Inflorescence type : Raceme
White fragrant flowers borne in an elongated raceme inflorescence, each cluster can be up to 6 – 14 cm long and densely packed with the small flowers.

Small fruit measuring about 1.2 – 1.4 cm long and 0.7 – 0.9 cm wide, contains a single papery seed about 1 cm long and 6 cm wide.


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