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Gmelina fasciculiflora is an often deciduous tree with a dense, rounded crown; it usually grows 10 – 30 metres tall, but at times it can be as small as 4 metres.

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[ Habitat ] :
– Rainforests, or along rivers and beaches at elevations up to 760 metres.
– Found in well developed lowland and upland rain forest on a variety of sites.

The globular, violet or blue to bright purple or violet fruit is around 10 – 20mm in diameter.
The fruit when crushed have an unpleasant odour will stain fingers brown.

The flowers are yellowish with a much larger purplish lower petal, these are followed by purple-coloured depressed-globular fruit 1-2 cm diameter.

This species produces a very durable timber which has been used in high hazard areas e.g. window sills, boat decking, house stumps and fence posts. The timber is soft, easy to work and easy to cut in any direction.


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