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Medium-sized to large strangling tree with massive trunks of coalesced roots.
It is a large evergreen tree, with a spreading canopy.

The Ficus obliqua is a large tree that has been known to reach heights of up to 60 metres, with similar canopy.
They more often average around 10 to 40 metres in height though.

We don’t recommend attempting to grow this species to a full size tree unless you live on acreage and have the room;
like many other large Ficus species it can damage footpaths and other structures if planted too close.

The Small Leaf Fig is easily kept as an indoor potted plant in colder regions and can easily be kept at a small size with pruning

This species will tolerate temperate climates as long as temperatures do not go much below zero.
It can be grown in a pot either indoors or outdoors and kept at an acceptable size.

Altitudinal range from sea level to 1000 m.
Grows in well developed rain forest on a variety of sites.

Light preference : Full sun or part shade
Water preference : Moderate water
Plant growth rate : Moderate

Fast growing, evergreen tree with glossy emerald green foliage.

Once established it is highly adaptable to almost any condition.



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