Evaporative Gel 10KG Bucket Refill ( EASy No Mould )


A 10kg container of EASy No Mould

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Evaporative Gel 10KG Bucket Refill ( EASy No Mould )

EASy is an Australian based company that recognises the importance of your indoor air quality.
EASyNoMould was developedby its founder Neil when his young son’s debilitating illness was diagnosed as a reaction to mould spores.
Neil had imported the mould spores to his home on his work clothes.
Each evening he would dump his work clothes, covered in black mould in the wash basket.
The wash basket was located near the intake of his air conditioning system. This action spread the mould spores throughout the house.

The EASy air purifying gel provides an ongoing treatment, inhibiting the growth of mould, bacteria, fungi and other airborne viruses.
It provides a slow release evaporation, which usually takes approximately 30 days to evaporate entirely.


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