Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue quandong) – Tube stock


A fast growing Australian rainforest tree bearing distinctive blue edible fruits.
The Blue Quandong has a large buttressed trunk with vertically flat visible roots which are as much a feature as the actual tree.

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Buttresses normally conspicuous, even on small trees. Branches generally in whorls, particularly on small trees. Crown thin, the leaves occurring only on extremities.

Leaf blades about 8-15 x 2.5-4.5 cm, gradually narrowed into the petiole which lacks a pulvinusFoveoles not only in the forks of the lateral veins and the midrib but also in the forks where the lateral veins branch. Old leaves turn bright red on the tree prior to falling. About 25-55 teeth on each side of the leaf blade.

Sepals less than 14 mm long. Petals divided at the apex into 4 or 5 lobes up to 5 mm long. Stamens about 50-55. Ovary hairy.

Fruits globular, about 15-23 mm diam. Endocarp deeply pitted, about 5-7 sutures. Seeds usually about 2-5. The remains of the hard pitted seed coats can normally be found beneath mature trees.

Cotyledons sessile, narrowly elliptic, about 20-25 x 6-8 mm, apex obtuse, base attenuate. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade elongate-elliptic, apex acuminate, base attenuate, glabrous on the upper surface, margin crenate, teeth numerous, each ending in a hair-like tip; domatia are small crater-like foveoles along the midribSeed germination time 229 to 1258 days.


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