DMM Sidewinder Locksafe Carabiner with ANSI gate


Product code: A98K71ANSI
* hot forged aluminium for high strength
* I bean constraction for weight reduction
* keylock nose for snag free clipping
* anodised for corrosion protection
* 3 locking options

DMM Sidewinder Locksafe Carabiner with ANSI gate


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The DMM Sidewinder is a directional connector that has an integrated swivel feature, making it a very useful carabiner when there is a need to manage torsion, cable spin or when it is necessary to rotate the load relative to the anchor.

The Sidewinder is often used as a connector on cut resistant lanyards and guided fall arresters as it can be captive on a system, allows rotation by the user and is quick, easy and secure when connected. However, it can be clipped, tied or threaded to maximize versatility and minimize any side torque on anchors, etc. Featuring DMM’s Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance.

Technical Features:

  • Carabiner rated : 25kN
  • GS: 16kN
  • Locksafe ANSI rated gate
  • Gate opening 15 mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Approved to EN362:2004/T,CAN/CSA Z259.12 (2011) and ANSI Z359.12 (2009)

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