ART Lockjack 2 (Sport) with swivel


LockJack sport with Swivel
Intended use: Arborticulture
Rope compatibility: 11-13mm
MBS: 25 KN
Weight: 310g
Certification: EN358

The ART Lockjack is a manageable, efficient and easily operable device for ascent and descent in tree climbing.

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The Lockjack was the first piece of hardware on the market that could totally replace the friction hitches used on climbing lines.
Like a Mechanical Prusik, the Lockjack works as both an ascender and as a descender in the doubled rope technique (DdRT).

The advantage of the Lockjack is that friction is applied to the rope with a smooth aluminum surface which causes less friction while climbing for an effortless advance, and a smoother more easily controlled descent.

ART Lock Jack Sport. It is an efficient and easy to use device for ascent and descent in treeclimbing. It offers every climber beginner or pro level, a safe, positive and energy saving climbing experience. Equipped with the ART Swivel the LockJack compensates twists of rope and body alike and thus raises the climbing comfort considerably.

  • Compact and light
  • No need to manually advance hitch
  • Eliminates rope-on-rope friction
  • No knot tying or untying
  • Easy to use – allows user to master ascending and descending quickly
  • More responsive than other doubled rope connections
  • Reduces energy required to climb
  • Frictionless when descending swiftly – does not melt knots

Specifications: Rope diameter: 11-13mm Certification: EN 358


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