Distel DMM-Leather Straps-Short Gaff (NE24AW Climbing Spikes)


Distel Gecko Deluxe Aluminium Climber  ( Product code: NW24AW)
INTENDED USE: Tree Climbing
SPIKE LENGTH: 43 mm (Short), 61 mm (long)
SHANK LENGTH: 40-51 cm
WEIGHT: 2060 g (pair)

  • Fully adjustable shank length
  • Comfortable, anatomical shaft with forward placed in-step for increased stability
  • Wide velcro straps
  • Vibram sole provides grip on branches
  • Durable Buckingham straps


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The Distel Alu Plus spurs are manufactured by DMM.
They are designed to allow for angling the shaft on three levels for correct anotomical fitting.
The 45 mm wide step-in is moved slightly forward with this model, at an ergonomic angle to the lower leg.
This not only provides more stability but also more comfort, enhanced by the forged shaft and the strapping.
Rubber sole provides grip on branch walk.

The Distel Gecko Deluxe climbing spurs are even more comfortable the standard model and feature a Vibram sole for additional grip on branches.

The Distel Gecko Deluxe climbers have a different shaft than their standard counterpart.
Manufactured by DMM, it is forged in a way that allows for a more anatomical fit with increased comfort and stability.
A 45 mm wide in-step is slightly further forward in this model and its Vibram rubber sole provides a firm grip on branches.

They have a fully adjustable shank length (40-51 cm), extremely comfortable fibreglass cuffs with soft padding insert and wide 50 mm velcro straps.

The Gecko Climbers are supplied with American Style gaffs as standard and footstraps fitted are the durable Buckingham product for maximum longevity of your climbers.

NOTE: A maximum climber weight of 110 kg applies to this product, including equipment.

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Weight 2.06 kg


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