Darlingia darlingiana (Brown Silky Oak) – Tube stock


The trees height is 115-20m the tree mainly like the sun, it has dark green leaves and creamy white flower with a rich nectar that draws birds.

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This tree is great for larger areas its height can reach 15-20m its large dark green leaves bring out the colour of the large creamy white and borne flowers. Darlingia darlingiana is a tropical rainforest tree, so it’ll need moist, frost-free situation. The flower also produce rich nectar that will attract native birds, the tree can handle up to 80%-100% of sun.

Type: Tree


Origins: Tropical Queensland

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

Wind: Sheltered

Growth: Fast

Frost: Tender

Evergreen: Yes

Native: Yes

Height: 8m

Width: 4m


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