Cymbopogon citratus ( Lemon Grass ) -Tube


Cymbopogon citratus ( Lemon Grass ) is a tropical , clump-forming , evergreen grass with a richly aromatic lemon fragrance.
Light : Full sun ( 6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day)

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As a self contained plant it is quite attractive, with its graceful, arching foliage, though its greatest value lies in the lemon scent that it produces.

Lemongrass has long been used for tea, medicine and Oriental cooking.
Strongly scented lemon leaves used in India and Southern Asian cuisine
The long blades of Lemongrass are used fresh to flavour sauces or soups and to make teas.
The plant oils are used for perfumes and herbal medicines.

Lemongrass is adapted to hot wet summers and dry warm winters, is drought tolerant and will grow on a wide range of soils but prefers rich, moist loams.

If it is damaged by frost in cooler areas, the tops should not be cut until all danger of frost has passed.
This helps to protect the centre of the plant from further cold damage.


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