Bungy-Coil Strop with in-line Carabiner ( Retractable chainsaw lanyard )


” Bungy-Coil ” Strop with in-line Stainless Steel Ring
Available in:
* Gate: Bent / Straight
* Lanyard Color: Black /  Blue / Orange / Red

— KONG Carabiner —
MBS (Major Axis): 26kN
MBS (Minor Axis): 9kN
Gate Open: 10mm
Certification: EN12275:98 -EN362

— The Bungy coil strop —
* Is designed to keep your chainsaw up by your side
* Minimizes fatigue
* Improves safety & efficiency
* Allows the climber to move around a tree more freely
* Is lightweight
* Extends to over 1.5 m
* Is easy to fit
* Has easy to see “day glow” colors
* Can be used with any size or brand of chainsaw

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Sick of cutting or getting your chainsaw strop hooked?

Keep your chainsaw strop close and out of harms way with the retractable ” Bungy coil ” strop.

Improve your safety and efficiency with this simple and easy to use innovations, which has been extensively ” Road tested ” by real climbers.

Additional information

Lanyard color + Carabiner difference

Orange Lanyard+Black Carabiner+Straight Black Gate, Orange Lanyard+Blue Carabiner+ Straight Orange Gate, Orange Lanyard+Orange Carabiner+ Bent Blue Gate, Black Lanyard+Orange Carabinre+Bent Blue Gate, Black Lanyard+Blue Carabinre+Straight Orange Gate, Black Lanyard+Silver Carabinre+Bent Red Gate, Black Lanyard+Matt Grey Carabinre+Straight Orange Gate, Black Lanyard+Red Carabinre+Straight Matt Grey Gate, Red Lanyard+Black Carabiner+Straight Black Gate, Blue Lanyard+Black Carabiner+Straight Black Gate


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