DMM Ceros Locksafe Carabiner (A567CB) – with Captive bar


The DMM Ceros Captive Bar helps align loads in the correct orientation and is easy to use.

This added security is achieved with a removable, tamper-resistant captive bar that holds the Ceros captive on a harness onto the connector’s spine.

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DMM Ceros Locksafe Captive Bar is a directional carabiner that has been designed to ensure optimum orientation.
The pronounced horn prevents devices from cross-loading the carabiner.
The Keylock nose eliminates snagging and the round top bar allows for consistent rope handling and resistance to wear.
This captive bar version allows semi-permanent installation.

Ceros Locksafe Captive Bar ( A567CB )
Colour: Titanium/Green
MBS (Major Axis): 25kN
MBS (Minor Axis): 7kN
MBS (Gate Open): 7kN
Dimensions: 74x121mm
Weight: 95g
Gate Opening (X): 19mm
Certification: EN 362:2004 B & T , EN 12275:2013 B, H & T


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