Buckinghamia celsissima (Spotted silky oak, Ivory curl Tree) – Tube stock


Ornamental native tree with dark glossy leaves and long white scented flower spikes which cascade downward.

Very popular tropical street tree, robust, shapely, eyes catching in full flowers; and enjoyed by birds and beneficial pollinators.

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An Australian native tree often utilised as a street tree due to its smaller size and attractive foliage and flowers.
Trees will sometimes flower on one side first.

Plant in well drained soil in a full sun to partly shaded position in the garden.
Prefers warm climates, will tolerate light overnight frost once mature.

Ivory Curl Tree grows to approximately 10m in height although it has been known to grow up to 25m in its natural habitat. The flowers are long, cream-coloured spikes which grow to about 20cm in length. They resemble Grevillea flowers and appear during the Summer months once the tree is quite established.

The foliage can extend from the top of the tree all the way to ground level if left unpruned. New leaves are a lovely bronze colour.

Ivory Curl Tree prefers a well drained soil in a warm, sunny position in coastal areas.


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