ART Twister P62 ( 2-eye Swivel )


Product code: P62
Material: Aluminium & stainless steel
Eye width: 18 mm, length: 78 mm
service life: 7 years

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The Best of Both Worlds

Twister is the name of the new 2-eye swivel from ART, which is lightweight, compact and produced in typical ART design. Its outstanding versatility becomes apparent in conjunction with PPE components, since the Twister unites two opposite characteristics: easy rotation without any load, and simultaneously, stable but rotating alignment with a load.

A Small ART Revolution

Instead of smooth-running ball bearings, a stainless steel bushing is built into the Twister. This design enables the easy rotation of rope securing components without loads as well as stable positioning and defined rotational resistance with loads.

The Right Choice From Experience

The rotational resistance with loads is selected deliberately for the twister, just as with the swivelling of the positioner and LockJack. For optimum handling, rope securing devices and knot adjustment devices are often swivelled in the best respective direction while climbing with loads. This alignment should also remain even when released, without being twisted again by torsion in the rope. The defined rotational resistance with loads makes it possible – and from experience, the Twister even more so!


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