Vevor Safety Climbing Full Body Harness


VEVOR Full Body Harness

Maximum safe drop: 1.8 M
Safe Work Load: 800 KG
Break Load: 1500 KG

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  • Security Certificate: We take working environment safety very seriously. That’s why our climbing harness complies with URS & Ostrava Radvanice & CE standards. It allows you to work hands-free confidently and securely. A great addition to your roofing harness security kit!
  • Work Comfortably: Different from others, our fall arrest harness has adjustable lumbar support, leg straps, and shoulder padding. The padding is humidity wicking and breathable, which improves comfort and reduces the chance of heat exhaustion.
  • Premium Material: The full-body security harness is made of polyester fabric with nylon three-dimensional cross-stitching, supporting you within the capacity range of 150 to 350 lbs. Besides, the forging steel buckle and aluminum alloy dorsal D-ring effectively keep you away from falling risk.
  • Easy Operation: A small user instruction is stitched in our construction harness. Wear and adjust shoulder padding, then hook the security lanyard through the dorsal D-ring. You will get an additional portable storage bag, but the lanyard is NOT INCLUDED.
  • Wide Application: Our lineman’s harness is used for falling arrest, positioning, travel restraint, suspension, and rescue applications, such as wall cleaning, city maintenance, high-rise building, and state power.


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