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A large spreading tree becoming popular as shade tree in parkland.

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Syzygium tierneyanum is an evergreen tree with a dense, spreading crown; it usually grows 10 – 12 metres tall, though older trees up to 25 metres have been recorded.
This is a medium native rainforest tree with glossy green foliage with flushes of red and bronze new growth.

In summer the tree bears profuse creamish white flowers with numerous stamens on special lateral branches to 8 cm long.
The enormous quantity of nectar attracts birds and butterflies.

The bunches of pink to red globular to depressed globular berries (usually 2 – 3 cm in diameter, but sometimes up to 4 cm) are edible.

Most Lilly-Pillies are handsome trees, and they have become tremendously popular with gardeners throughout Australia.
As well as being well suited as street trees, they are excellent as hedging, topiary and ornamental plants.

If lower branches are pruned, an excellent shade tree can be produced.

Plants are surprisingly tolerant of frost.
Succeeds in a range of soils.
So long as the soil is moist, the plant does not seem to be fussy about fertility.
A fast-growing tree.
Light preference : Full sun
Water preference : Moderate water

Altitudinal range from sea level to 450 m.
Usually grows in rain forest or gallery forest along creeks and watercourses.


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