Syzygium tierneyanum ( River cherry ) – Tube stock


A large spreading tree becoming popular as shade tree in parkland.

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Generally a poorly formed tree.

Oil dots rather small but quite numerous, brownish when viewed with a lens. Leaf blades about 8.9-18.6 x 3-6.9 cm. Intramarginal vein often somewhat obscure, sometimes two intramarginal veins present.

Inflorescence borne on the twigs below or back from the leaves, never terminalbracts deciduous, absent at anthesisCalyx tube (hypanthium) + pedicel about 5-10 mm long, calyx tube (hypanthium) about 4-6 mm diam., calyx lobes hemispherical, dimorphic, inner lobes larger, about 3-3.5 mm long. Petals +/- orbicular, concave, about 5-9 mm diam., oil dots numerous, about 180-200 or more per petal.

Fruits globular, attaining about 20 mm diam., slightly excavated at the apex, calyx lobes persistent, about 3 mm long. Seed solitary, about 5-8 mm diam., testa closely adhering to the rugose surface of the cotyledons and slightly adhering to the succulent pericarp, cotyledons green or purplish when fresh, uniformly textured except for the peripheral layer, conspicuously petiolatestipules presentRadicle lateral or basal.

Cataphylls 1 pair. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade narrowly elliptic, apex acuminate, base attenuateglabrous; oil dots numerous, easily seen with a lens. Seed germination time 18 to 33 days.


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