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Syzygium oleosum is an evergreen shrub or small tree, usually growing 6 – 12 metres tall, but sometimes larger.
When growing in an open, sunny position it has dense, ground-sweeping foliage.

Fruit magenta to purple-red turning blue to bluish purple, oval to flattened round, 13-40 mm in diameter.

Habitat : Littoral, subtropical and warm-temperate rainforest.
Usually found in rainforests, often near streams.

A plant of the warm temperate to tropical regions of Australia.
It can tolerate some frost, but needs protection from long or hard freezes.

Prefers a position with full sun to partial shade.
Grows best in a reasonably well-drained soil.

Succeeds in both fertile and poor soils.

Tolerant of drought, but grows best when there is no water shortage.
Plants tend to be quite fast growing if there is adequate moisture.


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