Syzygium malaccense (Pink Satinash/Malay apple) – Tube stock


A very showy tree that deserves place in tropical horticulture.
Flowers can be white to cream to pink or purple.

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Growth Form: Small to medium-sized, evergreen tree with a wide, ovoid crown.
Habitat: Occurs in moist tropical lowlands at altitudes of 0 – 1200 m.

Flowers: Reddish pink, pom-pom shaped flowers (5 – 7 cm wide) are arranged in clusters of 1 – 12 on branches that have shed their leaves.
Fruits: Fleshy, ellipsoid fruits known as berries (5 – 8 cm wide) are typically dark red with white or pink streaks, but can also be whitish or yellowish.
Each fruit contains 1 round, brown seed (2.5 – 3.5 cm wide).
Mature fruits form within 2 months of blooming.

Light Preference : Full Sun
Water Preference : Moderate Water
Plant Growth Rate : Moderate

Malay Apple requires tropical conditions and is too tender to grow outdoors in areas with even occasional frost.
Often trees will have leaf damage at temperatures well above freezing.
Trees also do not like poorly drained soils.
If planted in areas with high water tables should be planted on slightly raised mounds to give them more room for the roots during periods of high rainfall.
It does not succeed as well at sea level.
Other than that, it requires little care providing year-round water.


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