SpanSet® ERGO General Purpose Energy Absorbing Lanyard 3053 ( WLN-180-D7D7-W-S-EC )

[ ERGO Fall Arrest Lanyards ]  – Webbing Lanyards
Fall Arrest, energy absorbing lanyards with steel fittings.

Code : 3053
Type : Single leg
Material : Webbing
Length : 1.8m
Fitting at Shock Absorber : H1 Snap Hook
Fitting at Free End(s) : H1  Snap Hook
Weight : 1070g


Tearweb Personal Energy Absorber / Lanyard Assembly
* Only competent users should use this equipment
* Maximum free fall – 2 mtrs

# Minimum weight : 50 kgs
# Minimum fall clearance : 5.2 metres
# Maximum weight : 100 kgs
# Minimum fall clearance : 5.8 metres

D.O.M. : Mar 2022
Remove from service : Mar 2032

* BSI Certified Product – AS 1891.5.2020 BMP NO.706185

ERGO energy absorbing lanyards are designed to minimise the forces endured by an operator should a fall occur.
All SpanSet lanyards feature back up straps should the tear web be fully deployed and all are certified to AS/NZS 1891.1. With heavy duty, alloy steel, corrosion resistant components and high tenacity polyester webbing they offer outstanding safety and value to this range.


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