Sip-protection 100% Leather Belt 5SA7 (110cm)


Article number : 5SA7NAVXA ( SOF5SA7 )
Color : Brown
100 % leather
Very durable high quality belt able to resist high tension. Double prong closing.


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The 5SA7 provides you following protection:

– European Standards –

All SIP Protection products meet the EC stipulations and are certified and marked as doing so. The CE mark indicates the compliance with the fundamental health and safety requirements from the European Directive 2016/425.

The pictograms which you can find on the inside of your protective clothing, reflect the different levels of protective requirements which have been set in the framework of the European standards. The higher the value for a parameter, the higher the level of protection.

Constant quality control and our personal care for your safety, guarantees that all SIP Protection products are high performance.



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