Silky Wood Saw (Dozuki model ) Woodboy Folding Saw (Braced) 240 mm 32 teeth -Back Blade


As always with Silky this is a beautiful saw with exceptional quality.

Perfect for intricate joinery but extra special due to the new folding handle design.

Specifically designed for interior carpenters and other woodworkers needing a high quality tool for the job site.

The Dozuki Woodboy is suitable for fine cuts across the grain.

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Silky has developed a folding type dovetail (Dozuki) saw for the first time, having a reinforced bar at the back of the blade.

The blade is taper ground, has a thin kerf of 0.66 and coated to protect it from rust and resin. The blade is braced. To reduce sticking and tarnishing, the blades are hard chrome-plated and mirror-polished.  The teeth are non-set and extra fine. There are 32 teeth per 30 mm. The new folding design allows the blade to fold away quickly and easily. The blade has two locking angles. The handle is coated in Silky’s award winning GOM rubber which gives exceptional grip and comfort for extended use. There are two other blade options for this handle.

Code 388-24 is very similar, the only difference is that it is not braced and has hardened teeth. Code 386-24 has 26 teeth per 30 mm and a special tooth style.

All parts are replaceable and covered by a limited lifetime manufactures warranty.

SKU 384-24
Blade length: 240 mm or 9.5 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in:  32 / 27.1
Weight: 285 g
Dimensions unfolded: 560 x 55 x 20 mm
Dimensions folded: 310 x 75 x 28 mm


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