Silky Forester Replacement Blade 380mm


Forester Replacement Blade 274-38 (380mm)

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SKU:  274-38

Forester Replacement Blade. This blade has hardened tips, it is classified as non-sharpenable.

Blade length:- 380mm or 15 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:-7.5/6.4

Fun Fact

SKU is the acronym for Stock Keeping Unit. Most people pronounce it skew or eskew. The sku is a unique reference for a product and is usually supplied by the manufacturer. It is primarily used for stock control, hence the name.

Silky Saws use the SKU to also give you information. The two numbers after the dash on a five number SKU give you the blade length.

The SKU above, 274-38 lets you know that the Forester Blade length is 38cm.


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