Silky Katana Boy Replacement Blades 500/650/1000mm


This saw is designed to prune large branches. It has a tooth style which will cut all timbers with ease.

The blades are made out of a high carbon steel called SK4 which is a very strong steel but is also quite flexible.

The blades are also coated in chrome to give them some protection from rust and resin.

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This saw is often referred to as the Samurai Silky. Amazing to use and beautiful to see.

[ 500 mm Blade ]  SKU 404-50
Blade length: 500 mm or 19.7 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in: 5/4.2
Weight: 250 g

[ 650 mm Blade ]  SKU 711-65
Blade length: 650 mm or 25.6 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in: 4/3.4
Weight: 435 g

[ 1000 mm Blade ]  SKU 711-99
Blade length: 1000 mm or 30.4 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in: 2.5-5/2.1-4.2
Weight: 895 g

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500mm, 650mm, 1000mm


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