Silky Hobby Saws Mini Mini for Plastic/Metal


Plastic(164-15) is fantastic for cutting soft and hard plastics.  If you need something to cut model trains or cake skewers(supports) just to name a few, you will love this saw.  Other popular uses include PVC, irrigation pipe and plastics of all kinds.

Metal(166-15) is fantastic for cutting soft metals. Once again model trains are cut up easily and decorative pieces for many hobbies are easy work for this saw.  Other uses include cutting metal edging, soft wires, many tasks you would normally use a hack saw for.

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Brilliant compact and easy to use hobby saw. This is the only range of Silky saws that cut on the pull and push stroke.
So great for getting into those hard to reach places.

The teeth are hardened to give a longer life.
The steel is very strong and has a protective coating.

SKU: 164-15 (Plastic) -Green Handle
Blade length:- 150mm or 5.9 inches
Teeth per 30mm/in: 24/20.3
Weight:- 135g

SKU:- 166-15 (Metal) -Blue Handle
Blade length:-150mm or 5.9 inches
Teeth per 30mm/in:- 42/35.6

Jaimie from Outstanding Construction is quoted as saying: “GOODBYE HACKSAW!!”
This Silky Mini Mini is super handy for all kinds of jobs.
I used it for cutting PVC Pipe, aluminium angle and hanging robe rods.
It’s compact size allows it to fit into the tool box much easier than a hacksaw.”

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