Silky Gomtaro Root Cutting 240mm Handsaw


Cutting roots can be done without the worry of tool or teeth damage!

The Gomtaro 240 mm root cutting handsaw. Fantastic saw for cutting timber that has dirt on it or tree roots or suckers which require strokes to enter the ground..

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This saw is specifically designed for cutting tree roots. It has a tooth style which should cut all timbers with ease. It has a hollow ground blade, which reduces friction when cutting. This allows the cutting stroke to feel very easy and fast. The teeth are not set, they are what Silky call a Mirai-Me tooth style. This style of tooth creates a very smooth cut which leaves the root so smooth that it will appear as though it has been given a light sand.

SKU 153-24
Blade length: 240 mm or 9.5 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in: 8/6.8
Weight: 365 g

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Weight 0.365 kg
Dimensions 24 cm


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