Silky Gomboy Outback Edition Replacement Blade 240mm


The OUTBACK Silky GomBoy has been designed for hard work in the outback. With a new camo-style handle crafted from wood particles and rubber. Will virtually “stick like glue” to your hand in the wet, or if you are dressing a beast, as it will cut through bone as well as wood.

The black nickel/tin blade, not only looks good but has higher corrosion resistance. It might be small, but what a weapon.

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The new Outback series features a highly durable nickel/tin blend black coating that has low reflection and an arbor composite grip.
As with all Silky saws, the blade has non-set teeth that are taper-ground and impulse-hardened, for greater cutting efficiency.

Each one comes with hard plastic carrying case.

  • Arbor Composite Grip: Great for cold & wet conditions, as well as for game processing.
  • Black Nickel/Tin Coated Blade: Suitable for cutting through wood and bone.
  • Impulse-Hardened Teeth: Stays sharp 3 times longer than non-hardened teeth.
  • Blade Length: 240mm (curved)


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