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Built for light-utility applications, LYNX Hooks give the user a wide range of flexibility that can only come from a tie-down system that allows you to tailor the components to your needs. Built around an adjustable stretch strap that allows you to tighten and secure your load easily, they also feature innovative quick-release buckles that clip together to allow you to connect multiple straps together.

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Lynx Hooks – Light Sports Straps (Set of 2)

Upgrade your tie-down game with LYNX Hooks – Light Sports Straps – the ultimate solution to replace your old bungee cords. These straps are designed with genius innovation and constructed with uncompromising quality, featuring a patented design of premium solid rubber for maximum functionality and weather-resistant woven polyester jackets. LYNX Hooks Sport Stretch Straps feature tough, field-tested ABS hooks and buckles attached to premium woven webbing, ensuring that they are built to last.

Thanks to innovative design, top-shelf materials, meticulous field testing, and uncompromising quality – LYNX Hooks Sport Stretch Straps are the premiere light utility, interlocking tie-down system. Furthermore, each component serves more than one purpose, offering infinite adjustability and convertibility for a perfect fit every time.

LYNX Hooks tie-downs interlock with each other in two different ways: face-to-face or front-to-back. Hook, lock, and secure two or more LYNX Hooks together face-to-face for a single tie-down of limitless length possibilities. Or, link front-to-back to custom-build a cargo net right on your gear. These hooks fit standard anchor points like support bars on external frame packs, luggage racks, kayak carts, ATV racks, utility hooks, and tarp grommets.

Lastly, the LYNX Hooks interlocking tie-down system is incredibly easy to use. Connect loosely, then tighten down the webbing on each strap to secure cargo. When LYNX Hooks are locked together, the junction is secure until you’re ready to release it. Simply pinch the hooks to separate the connection and the built-in quick-release buckles. This will make it a cinch to access your gear and safely release tension when the job is done.

– LYNX Hooks make tying down your cargo easy and hassle-free, allowing you to complete your work quickly and enjoy your time outdoors. Choose the color that suits your style – match your vehicle, select something vivid, or go for something understated. Sold in a convenient two-pack, these straps are the perfect accessory for all your outdoor adventures.
– Each pack includes two complete tie-downs.

LYNX Hooks is an Australian-owned company and the quality of their products is amazing. These straps will outlast any traditional bungie and they hold your gear a lot more securely, too.


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