Leptospermum madidum ( Weeping Tea-tree )-Tube stock


Withstands wet sites and most types of soils.
Drought-tolerant when established.

Plant growth form : Shrub, Tree (Small (6m-15m), Shrubby (1m-5m)), Aquatic & Hydrophyte (Waterside / Marginal)

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The branches are beautifully pendulous, and the smooth bark peels off in curly strips.
The fresh bark is brownish pink, and then becomes creamy white. 

Light preference : Full sun
Water Preference : Moderate water, lots of water
Plant growth rate : Slow
Maintenance requirements : Moderate

Where the tree occurs naturally, it is usually found along watercourses and in sandstone gorges, typically right beside the water.
It can grow up to 8 metres high, and usually flowers in July.
The leaves are alternate, and the very tiny flowers solitary or two or more together, at ends of short branches or in leaf axils.
Bees are attracted to the flowers, often in such large numbers that the buzzing can be heard some distance away.



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