ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench ZK2 (RP280A/RP280C)


The ZK2 Rope Wrench is a friction device that allows a climber to ascend, descend and work on a single rope (SRT) with a friction hitch.

/ RP280C
Weight: 128g (5oz)
Body Material: Aluminium
Wheel Material: Aluminium
Finish: Anodised
Rope Size: 11-13mm (7/16-1/2″)
MBS: Not for primary life support (NOT CE APPROVED)


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The ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench has become a well established, popular tool within the production climbing industry and in tree cimbing competitions.

The Rope Wrench provides an ‘S’ bend in the rope above the hitch cord.  This effectively provides a contained double rope system, on a single rope, which shares the user’s weight between the Wrench and the hitch.  This allows the operation of the hitch, without the need for a double-rope system. The Rope Wrench allows easy horizontally movement, with greatly reduced friction on re-directs (compared with DdRT).

The RP280 Rope Wrench is NOT CE Approved and is marked ‘NOT for PPE’.  

If you require a CE Approved Rope Wrench System, please see KT282 Rope Wrench PPE Regulation Kits.

The Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) creates a “bend” above the climbers hitch on the single line which,
in addition of the tether to connect to the
device, creates a “contained doubled rope system” on the single line.

The STRW allows so many more options for safe movement in the tree whist using a single rope.

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