ISC Phlotich Pulley


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The ISC Phlotich Pulley is a multi-aperture device specifically designed for SRT and DdRT.

Features & Benefits:
Profiled side plates capture the host line, allowing for a reduction in host line movement

Side plates mate perfectly parallel allowing for a ‘clean’ connection to the anchoring Carabiners.  The mated side plates also allow for seamless use of a ‘Twin Leg’ Tether in SRT climbing with a Rope Wrench.  This reduces clutter and allows proper alignment of the hitch, pulley and tether on the anchoring Carabiner (in a Rope Wrench set up)

Lower anchor aperture will allow for full Carabiner rotation

Dual Carabiner Alignment- when used with Doubled Rope Climbing, the Phlotich allows the two anchoring Carabiner to be aligned efficiently on one pulley, instead of separating to two separate anchors

Technical Information

Rope diameter range (mm) – Max 13mm (1/2″)
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) – 30
Wheel material – Aluminium
Body finish – Anodised
Body colour – Orange or Purple
Weight (grams) – 145


Additional information


Purple, Orange


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