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[ File Gauge ]

SKU 586 93 84-01 ( SP33G  X-CUT )
Pitch : 0.325″
File size : 4.8 mm (3/16″)

SKU 595 00 47-01 ( SP21G  X-CUT )
Pitch : 0.325″
File size : 4.0 mm (5/32″)

SKU: 586 93 84-01 / 595 00 47-01 Categories: ,


Our combination gauges are specially designed with a file gauge and depth gauge setter to put together in one tool.
Use together with our round and flat files for a correct fling angle.
Available for all Husqvarna chains.

Husqvarna Combination File Guide and Depth Gauge
Hand filing doesn’t get any easier.
Specially designed file guide to suit the chain’s geometry whereby side plate and cutting angles are set, allowing the user to focus only on their preferred top plate file angle.
Combination file guides include depth gauge tool for added convenience.


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.325" in Pixel ( SP33G X-CUT ), .325" in Pixel ( SP21G X-CUT )


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