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The Hayate Parts Lever fits all of the clamp housings on the four different lengths Silky Hayate Telescopic Pole Saws

The four Hayate Poles Saws are 3.8m, 5.0m, 6.1m, and 7.7mtr in length.

The Hayate Parts Lever and the Stopper Button combine to ensure that the pole saw stays in place when extended. The Silky Pole Saws are Telescopic and keeping them in good condition will ensure a lifetime of effortless tree pruning.

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Silky telescopic pole saws have a clamp that locks the extended poles in place.
Due to constant use as well as wear and tear, this clamp can become less efficient.
Replacing the internal spacer and lever will extend the life of your beloved pole saw and keep the extension poles firmly in place to ensure safe and efficient use.

The small cost of these parts is a great investment to ensure the long-term life of your pole saw.


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