Gymnostoma australianum ( Daintree pine / Daintree oak ) – Tube Stock


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It is a native evergreen that is a hugely popular garden addition.
Traditional Aussie native Christmas tree.
Ideal planted as a formal row or as a stately specimen on its own.
Suited to container planting.
Very versatile.

Altitudinal range from near sea level to 1350 m.
Grows in association with rain forest but usually in situations where full rain forest development is arrested, e.g. along watercourses subject to flood damage or on mountain tops.

It can grow to over 7m in height and forms a neat, conical shape.

This elegant tree is cone shaped, and highly effective when used as a screen, hedging, feature, row planting, fence planting or remaining compact with tub planting.
Hardy to frost, salt & drought, mildly wind tolerant. Most soils. Full sun to part shade.




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