Grevillea pteridifolia (Golden Grevillea/Golden Toothbrush) – Tube stock


A plant of tropical areas, where it is found at elevations from 250 – 2,000 metres.

The plant can flower all year round.
The plant is an effective wind-break.

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Grevillea pteridifolia is a variable, evergreen plant – sometimes a shrub only 2 metres tall, it can also grow into a tree up to 14 metres tall, rarely it adopts a prostrate habit.

Found in a wide range of habitats including eucalypt woodland, heath, and openings in sub-rainforest scrub; often in moister sites such as floodplains, near swamps or creeks but also on ridges and slopes.

It grows best in areas with a mean annual rainfall of 1,000 – 1,500 mm.

The plant tolerates some frost and can withstand a dry season of 6 – 8 months.
In the wild the plant usually grows on sandy soils, occasionally on clay-loams.

Plants are suitable for planting on wasteland soils with a texture varying from pulverized lateritic soil to sandy loam,
including loose soils on dumps of coal and bauxite mines, where it regenerates spontaneously.

The flowers are a very rich source of nectar.
The nectar can be licked from the flowers, or they can be soaked in water to make a sweet drink.



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