Euroschinus falcatus (Ribbon Wood / Pink Poplar / Blush Cudgerie) – Tube stock


Aspect : Full Sun / Filtered Sun
Habitat : Sub-Tropical Rainforest

Features :
* Bird Attracting
* Bush Food Plants
* Perfumed Foliage Plants
* Shade Providing Trees

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Tree to 45 m tall. Fruit fleshy.
Spreading, shady habit with short buttressed trunk.
Bark brown, shallowly fissured to finely scaly.

Male, female, and bisexual flowers.
Large sprays of lovely small white to pink flowers in Summer.
Flowers about 6 mm in diameter, with 5 white to pink petals, in open  branched clusters 5-15 cm long.

Produces ovoid black fruit in December / January, attracting many native bird species.


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