DMM Vault Lock (A552)


The Vault is a secure and durable tool holder designed for all harnesses.

*Stacking on the ” shelf ” allows easy gear selection
*Stacking ice screw
*Locking gate option provides greater security
*Raised rib allows identification of gate position
*Low profile nose to minimise snagging
*Fitting to a treeMOTION harness
*Rubber spacers to accommodate a variety of harnesses
*hold Vault family in place on thinner webbing
*Fitting to a climbing harness

DMM Vault Lock (A552)

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The two part aluminium alloy Vault is secured using a stainless steel bolt and is the ideal solution for gear storage, organisation and transportation.

The locking gate option provides even greater security for your kit by preventing accidental opening.

Weight : 79g

* Strong, safe and secure
* One handed operation for ease of use
* Low nose profile minimise hook-ups
* Can be sent to either the unlocked or locked position
* Max webbing size: 45x3mm
* WLL 3kN (30kg) – Not PPE
* User installable – flat bladed screwdriver required

An overview of the features and benefits of the Vault range.


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