Dillenia alata (Golden guinea tree/Red beech) – Tube stock


Altitudinal range from near sea level to 600 m.
Grows in rain forest but frequently found in wet situations in other types of forest, particularly on the coastal lowlands.

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Bark reddish brown, papery.

Leaf blades about 11-23 x 6-13 cm. Petiole winged, base of the petiole clasping the stem and leaving a scar encircling the twig when the leaf falls.

Inflorescence +/- leaf opposed, i.e. produced on the twigs opposite the leaves. Petals obovate, about 40 x 25 mm. Styles, anthers and staminodes pink or red.

Sepals green, +/- fleshy, persistent even in dehisced fruits. Fruiting carpels about 18-20 x 10-14 mm. Seeds about 4 x 3 mm.

Cotyledons ovate with a winged petiole. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade margin crenate to sinuate. Petiole strongly winged at and before tenth leaf stage. Seed germination time 34 to 43 days.


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