CAMP Safety Multifunctional Pulley NAIAD Pro 2159 (Silver)


NAIAD Pro ( SKU: 2159 )

High strength multifunctional pulley for block-and-tackle systems and complex operations.

Weight: 300g
MBS: 46kN
WLL: 5kNx2=10kN
Standard: EN12278

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A high strength multifunctional pulley for heavy hauling and complex operations.
Features a large wheel, a main attachment point that accommodates three carabiners, a large bottom attachment point, and two secondary attachment points on the sides for linking, positioning and attaching progress capture systems.

For use with ropes up to 16 mm. Prusik minding, the self-locking knot can be installed on both sides.
Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency and intensive use at high speed. Efficiency: 97%.
Aluminium alloy body and wheel, stainless steel axle.

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