Terminalia arenicola ( Brown damson ) – Tube stock


It is also used as a street tree in parts of Cairns.

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May be deciduous; leafless for a period in September or October.


Leaf blades about 10-20 x 6-14 cm. Two flat glands usually visible on the underside of the leaf blade near its junction with the petioleDomatia are foveoles often with hairs at the orifice.


Inflorescence as long as or shorter than the leaves, bracts narrowly triangular, about 1 mm long, caducousPerianth tube appressed pubescent to thinly pilose, lobes triangular, about 2.5 x 2 mm, glabrous or thinly pilose. Staminal filaments glabrous, about 2 mm long. Disk villousStyle glabrous.


Mature fruits glabrous, ovoid, about 25-40 x 17-25 x 14-18 mm, with a short beak, slightly compressed, sometimes with lateral angles. Seed about 12 x 2 mm, cotyledons convolute.


Cotyledons much wider than long, about 20 x 35-40 mm, rounded at the base, apex +/- truncate, upper surface with a few hairs towards the base. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves obovate, apex acute or shortly acuminate, base attenuate, hairy on the upper surface; oil dots small, numerous, visible with a lens; petiole, stem and terminal bud densely clothed in long reddish brown hairs. Seed germination time 73 to 165 days.


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