Barebones Outpost Lantern – Antique Bronze


LIV-140 ( Antique Bronze ) Items Included:
1 Outpost Lantern
1 USB-C Cable
1 USB-C to USB-A adaptor

Add the Barebones LI-ION 2-18650 to your cart if you want to run the light from a battery source.

Materials: Powder-coated steel
Dimensions: 17.1cm x 17.1cm x 15cm

• Water- and rust-resistant
• Powder-coated finish on steel components
• Unique Edison-style LED rope
• LED: 3 Watts
• Lumens: Low: 60 | High: 180
• Color Temperature: 3000 K
• Battery: LI-ION 2-18650 | 4400mAh 3.7V 16.28Wh or Two D Batteries
• Charge Time: 6 hours (with Barebones 2 x 18650 battery pack installed)
• Run Time: Low: 20+ Hrs | High: 8 hrs
• Input: 5V USB-C
• IPX4 Weatherproof Rating

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Inspired by old mining and warehouse lights, this water- and rust-resistant steel lantern creates an intimate space anywhere.
Larger in size than our popular Edison Mini Lantern, the Outpost Lantern is ideal in a tent, as a glamping reading light, curated on an outdoor tablescape, or hung decoratively in a backyard or urban patio.
The Outpost utilizes a warm Edison-style LED rope light in the shape of a Helix.
This unique LED filament adds a vintage quality and produces a warm, soft glowing atmosphere.

There are three ways to power the Outpost Lantern allowing for maximum versatility: USB-C to external power source, via the Barebones-specific LI-ON battery that recharges internally, or via D-cell batteries.

[ Shop your spare 2-18650 battery here ] :

* Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

[ FAQ ] :
Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries with the Outpost Lantern?
A: Yes! You can recharge the lantern with two different types of batteries: LI-ION and D-cell batteries (both not included). The LI-ION battery recharges directly through the lantern when plugged in using a USB-C cord. D-cell batteries can also be used but will not recharge within the lantern. Rechargeable batteries reduce waste and can increase the light time of the lantern. Simply swap the batteries when you need and recharge in the meantime.

Q: Can I store the Outpost Lantern outside for extended periods of time?
A: The Outpost Lantern is not meant to be stored outside for long periods of time. Extended exposure to wet conditions may cause rust and unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend storing your lantern indoors after use to help it last as long as possible and to avoid the need to purchase a replacement.


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