Barebones Knife – NO.4 Paring Knife


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CKW-491 Items Included:
No. 4 Paring Knife  x 1
Sheath  x 1

[ Materials ] :
50CrMoV15 stainless steel
Full-grain cow leather

[ Dimensions ] :
Knife: 21cm x 3.18cm x 1.9cm 181 g
Blade Length: 9.53cm
Sleeve: 12.1cm x 4.45cm x 8mm thick
Knife with Sleeve: 22cm

• Ideal for everyday culinary use
• 50CrMoV15 stainless steel
• Full-tang forged German-grade blade
• Resin-infused Pakkawood with textured grain
• Ergonomic handle is weighted and balanced for comfort
• Signature copper accent
• Full-grain cow leather sleeve
• Heritage-quality design and materials

This Japanese-inspired paring knife is a go-to for many different projects in the kitchen.
Small and sharp, it’s ideal for intricate cutting, mincing, dicing, and peeling.
Quickly peel apples for a pie or finely mince garlic to start a fragrant meal in your cast iron.
Additionally, use this knife when you need controlled, detailed cutting, such as slicing vents or designs into a dough.

The full-tang, forged stainless steel blade is German-grade, strong, and durable.
Blade notches for thumb and finger allow for a professional grip, control, and accuracy when slicing, dicing, and mincing.
Pakkawood handle is weighted and balanced;
This stabilized composite wood is ideal for culinary purposes as its heat and moisture-resistant.
Included sleeve weathers real-world use while protecting the blade from dulling.
Leather material will only soften over time to a beautiful, smooth patina.

[ Care ] :
Store in a dry place.
Apply a thin coat of protective oil after each use.
Wipe clean of dirt, water, and fingerprints regularly.
Sharpen as needed.
Leather Sleeve:
Use brush to clear debris.
If necessary, rinse with lukewarm water and wrap in a dry towel.
Avoid drying in hot temperatures as natural oils can be cooked out of leather. Do not re-sleeve knife until sleeve is completely dry. Apply leather oil as needed.
[ FAQ ] :

Q: Is the knife dishwasher safe?
A: No. The handle is made of wood and should not be exposed to water and detergent.

Q: Do I need to treat the wood handle with oil?
A: The wood has been treated with a protective finish that does not require maintenance and should be kept dry. Should the finish wear off over time, it is recommended to lightly wipe the wood with food-safe mineral oil.

Q: Can I store my No. 4 Paring Knife outside for extended periods of time?
A: The No. 4 Paring Knife is not meant to be stored outside for long periods of time. Extended exposure to wet conditions may cause rust and unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend storing your knife indoors after use to help it last as long as possible and to avoid the need to purchase a replacement.




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