Barebones Enamel Teapot – Eggshell


The Teapot features a hand-finished, baked stainless steel trim that creates a copper-like patina finish and matches our full eggshell enamelware line.

Hand wash only.
Do not microwave.

Materials : Steel, Enamel, FSC Certified Natural Walnut

Dimensions : 14cm D x 10.5x cm T (15.9cm T w/ lid)
Capacity : 6 Cups , 1.5 Litres

Charcoal: CKW-348
Eggshell: CKW-398
Mint: CKW-433
Slate Gray: CKW-379

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A beautiful statement piece for your camp kit or home kitchen.
Ideal for quickly heating water for camp coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more.

* Vintage-inspired design
* Baked stainless steel rim with copper-like patina appearance
* Slight variations in color on rim are expected
* Steel core with speckled enamel finish
* FSC certified natural walnut accents

[ Care Instructions ] :
Our enamelware stainless steel rim is heat-treated to create a copper-like patina finish.
Both the surface and rim can be stripped of its unique coloring by acidic foods, such as lemon, and some harsh detergents and cleansers.
We recommend hand washing the teapot to protect the natural walnut wood and help maintain the original look and feel of the enamelware pieces.

To hand wash: Use a gentle, natural cleanser.
Use warm, soapy water to help remove baked-on food.

Gently wipe away residue.
Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface.

[ FAQ ]

Q: Can I microwave the enamelware?
A: No, enamelware contains metal and is not microwave-safe.

Q: Can I put the Enamel Teapot in the dishwasher?
A: No. Dishwasher detergent combined with hot water can strip the natural walnut wood of its oils and cause it to warp and crack. We recommend hand washing only, avoiding the use of abrasive sponges and brushes to protect the enamelware finish.

Q: Is the enamelware oven safe?
A: Yes, the enamelware is oven safe to 260°C (500°F)

Q: Is it intended for outdoor use?
A: Yes, our enamelware was designed to be durable enough for indoor/outdoor use.

Q: Is the rim on the enamelware copper?
A: No, the rim on the enamelware is heat-treated stainless steel which gives it a copper-like patina effect. This process will give a variety of tones making each rim unique.


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