Akinod Straight Magnetic Cutlery Set 12H34 ( Persian Bouquet )


Beautiful cutlery set to carry carry with you for eating out without sharing or using others.
The perfect tool to avoid germ contamination as well as reducing plastic.
Beautiful Bouquet Persian Design
SKU : A01M00052

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SKU: A01M00052 ( AO1M-052 ) Categories: , , ,


Thickness when closed :  1.80 cm
Product length when closed : 18 cm
Width when closed : 3.30 cm
Weight : 122 g

* One cloth pouch is included.

Cutlery in martensitic stainless steel 2CR14, polished mirror finish.
Comprises a large spoon, a 4-pronged fork and a knife with a micro-serrated blade.
Decorated transparent polymer handle.
Magnetic assembly.


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