Stein Skywalker Twin Pulley


SKYWALKER PRO is the next generation of Hitch Tending Pulleys. This pulley has all the benefits of a Twin Eye and Triple Eye pulley combined in one.

This versatile pulley can be used as a standard pulley configuration giving guided controlled of your hitch without adding any complication to your system. The elongated hole allows for double carabiner attachment and allows single carabiners to self-align.

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STEIN Skywalker Twin Pulley (for use with rope <13mm diameter)

More Details

Color                                     BLUE
Diameter (mm)                     13
Manufacturer                        STEIN
Application                            Climbing
Material                                Aluminium
Min Breaking Strength (kN)  36
Length (mm)                         74
Width (mm)                           60
Weight (g)                             100
Finish                                    Anodised


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