Protos Arborist Helmet F39


Ensure safety and comfort at height with the PROTOS Arborist Helmet F39, integrating hearing and face protection, innovative ventilation, and EN 397 and EN 12492 certifications.

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Experience unparalleled safety and comfort at height with the PROTOS Arborist Helmet F39, designed for the demanding requirements of arborist work.
Featuring integrated hearing and face protection within the shell, the PROTOS Integral Arborist ensures optimum hold and prevents snagging on branches and protruding parts.  Therefore providing essential safety where face protection is indispensable.
The innovative design of the PROTOS Integral allows cooling air to flow in from all sides.  Thus preventing overheating even during the most strenuous activities. Plus, the KlimaAIR® Set can be easily exchanged and washed at 30°C to maintain hygiene after long days of work.
With a chin strap guide engineered to prevent slippage under the hearing protection, ensuring both noise reduction and wearing comfort, the PROTOS Arborist Helmet F39 offers unmatched safety and convenience.
Certified according to EN 397 and EN 12492, embodying AS/NZ1801 standards, the PROTOS Integral Arborist Helmet F39 provides peace of mind in any work environment.

Included Accessories:

  • PROTOS Integral Chin Strap – EN12492 (Item No.: 204043)
  • PROTOS Integral Hearing Protection – EN352-3 (Item No.: 204067)
  • PROTOS Integral Metal Visor F39 – EN1731 (Item No.: 204063)
  • CrashAbsorber – EN12492

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