PROTOS Headband


Stay comfortable throughout the day with the Protos Headband, featuring Cocona fibers for quick drying and easy interchangeability with your Protos Integral helmet

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Experience unparalleled comfort and quick-drying properties with the Protos Integral KlimaAIR Headband, crafted from Cocona functional fibers for superior comfort during long workdays.
Complete with a rail for easy clip-on attachment to your Protos Integral helmet, this headband allows for effortless interchangeability throughout the day to ensure optimal comfort at all times.
Easily remove the Cocona fabric from the rail and machine wash at 30°C for convenient maintenance and hygiene.
Carry a spare headband in your pocket and enjoy uninterrupted comfort throughout your working day with the Protos Headband.


  • Made of Cocona functional fibers for comfort and quick-drying properties
  • Complete with rail for easy clip-on attachment to Protos Integral helmet
  • Interchangeable design for optimum comfort throughout the day
  • Easy removal and machine washable at 30°C for convenient maintenance


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