Emergency Response 24/7/365

In Tropical North Queensland, unpredictable cyclonic storms and high wind gusts can create serious structural issues for your property. Luckily, the team at Tree Arrangements is on standby 24/7/365 to provide emergency responses anywhere in Cairns for any unexpected situations that you may find yourself in. When you call the emergency services line at any time of the day or night, you will speak directly with a manager who will have a team on route immediately. The safety of your property and your family is no joke.

The best way to deal with the cyclone season in Far North Queensland is to be prepared. We highly recommend a property visit in the months before the wet, cyclone season kicks in (November to March) to assess your trees and pinpoint any areas of concern. This process is free, and you will be provided with a quote should you choose to address these issues. The last thing you want is your Christmas celebrations to be impacted by something you could have prevented months prior. 

Call Alan or Talitha to discuss your emergency response requirements and formulate a plan that suits your needs on 0408 581 873.