Utility 20 Kit Storage Bag 25L – Orange


Utility 20 Kit Storage Bag 25L – Orange
The ultimate solution for all your storage needs in the Utility Industry!

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Utility 20 Kit Storage Bag 25L – Orange
The Stein Utility 25L Storage-Bag – Orange is the ultimate solution for all your storage needs in the Utility Industry!

The Stein Utility Range has earned a reputation for its exceptional quality and functionality, and the Utility 25L Storage Bag lives up to that standard without exception. Crafted from heavy-duty, high-grade polyester material with a durable PU lining (1000-denier), this bag ensures long-lasting durability to withstand the demands of rugged environments. Reinforced with robust support webbing, it guarantees increased strength and reliability.
Key Features:

Spacious 25-Liter Capacity: Offering ample storage space, this bag is perfect for organizing and carrying your essential tools and equipment.
External Storage Pocket: The small external pocket with a Velcro closing flap provides convenient access to frequently used items while keeping them secure.
Heavy-Duty Carry Handles: The bag features sturdy carry handles that provide comfortable transportation, ensuring effortless use throughout your daily tasks.
Polyester Material with PU Lining: The high-quality construction of the bag, featuring 1000-denier polyester and a PU lining, ensures excellent resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its integrity even in demanding conditions.
External Gear Racks: The bag’s thoughtful design incorporates four external gear racks, offering convenient storage for karabiners and other accessories.
Drawstring Closure System: The drawstring closure allows for quick and easy access to the bag’s contents, keeping them secure during transportation.
Drain Eyelet: Equipped with a drain eyelet in the base, thus allowing for easy cleaning and ensures any moisture or liquids can escape, keeping your gear dry.
Bag Size: The dimensions of the bag are 300mm (Diameter) x 400mm (Height), offering a compact yet spacious solution for your storage needs.

The Stein Utility 25L Storage Bag goes beyond the Utility Industry, certainly making it suitable for a wide range of applications that demand dependable and versatile storage. In addition, Its adaptability ensures it excels in various settings where reliable organization is essential. From tools and accessories to personal items, this bag also provides a practical and efficient solution for organizing your essentials.

Invest in the Stein Utility 25L Storage Bag and experience the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and convenience. Keep your gear secure, organized, and easily accessible wherever your utility tasks take you!


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