STEIN Mongoose Supersafe Karabiner


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STEIN Mongoose Supersafe Karabiner.
The super safe ISC KH451 Mongoose carabiner weighs 110. With an impressive breaking strength of 30Kn.
Ideal on a trainees climbing system it’s breaking strength giving climbers additional confidence.
The larger size works well with climbing lines up to 13mm.
The acute angle of the basket helps your rope or sling gravitate towards the strong spine of the carabiner whilst the smaller crotch area helps prevent carabiner rotation and subsequent side loading.
The drop forged body is manufactured from high quality aluminum.
An anodised coating is added to the smooth rumbled body before each carabiner is finished with an individual identification number all ISC carabiner are proof checked before dispatch.
The ISC innovative blind nose design helps minimise the risk of any snagging or plucking damage to your climbing line.


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