Silky Zorin Handsaws


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Silky Zorin Handsaws

The Silky Zorin Handsaw is a large professional saw for arborist and forestry tasks.

The application of the Zorin is to cut large branches! Its SET Tooth is very aggressive and will bite if pushed too hard.  But used correctly, this is a super-fast cutting saw.


  • They are made out of high carbon steel which is very strong but is also quite flexible- an important feature in a hand saw.
  • Coated to give them some protection from rust and resin.
  • The blades are sharpenable and we have a diamond-shaped file for that purpose.

The handles are made out of a special rubber designed by Silky Japan. It is called GOM and it is extremely comfortable to hold. It absorbs a lot of the vibrations you get whilst cutting and allows you to have a very good grip, even when your hands are damp.


All parts are replaceable, so if you lose anything you can order replacement parts, i.e. screws, blades, handle.

SKU 131-34

  • Blade length:- 340mm or 13.4 inches
  • Teeth per 30mm/in:- 5-6.5/4.2-5.5
  • Weight:- 655g

SKU 131-37

  • Blade length:- 370mm or 14.6 inches
  • Teeth per 30mm/in:- 5-6.5/4.2-5.5
  • Weight:- 660g

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34 cm, 37 cm


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